There goes Summer (Originaly posted on Blogger 26/9/2010)

Just a short update.

It’s all about time, or lack of it. I’m busy, too busy.

I’m about to send out emails to pretty much everyone I know, seeing if they can spread the word farther afield to garner some more subscribers.

Press release is ready to go out but I need to research the precise people to send it too.

I’m aiming at “The Daily Echo”, Southampton’s local daily newspaper, BBC South TV and a few local BBC radio stations. Once I’ve hit them I’ll target a few of the smaller locals stations.

What has worked well for me before is sending a packet of sweets with the letter. Jelly beans and wine gums seem to work best!

A few more write ups, at uptownboogiedown and ElectricRoulette help to keep the traffic to here healthy. I was also interviewed by a rather lovely lady here  

I’m gigging tonight so will spread the word.

As I mentioned here, this whole idea came out of “Plan C” a project to record all my tunes. They, 32, spread over 2 cds. All subscribers will also receive these 2 cds as part of the whole vinyl project package.

I’m still searching for a name other than “subscribers” to refer to the 250 so would appreciate any suggestions.

I’ve also just uploaded a new podcast (number 13). All detail on the podcast including how to listen to it can be found at my other blog

Right I have to get ready for a gig!


About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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