So far so good (Originaly posted on Blogger on 16/9/2009)

And so far it is good, very good!When I started this project I was on holiday from work and had plenty of time to devote to this. Now I am back at work, time is now not as plentiful as it was hence the lack of updates. Not and excuse but an explanation.

That said I shall tell you the latest. After contacting the great analogapartment about the project, they wrote a great piece about it. This plus another article here has resulted in more people subscribing and more interest generally mainly form America but also from Swindon!

I’ve finished the press release and am now investigating who would be the best people to send it to. My plan is to keep it local to me initially (Southampton) then spread from there. I know a few local media types and have asked for their advice.

I have a few other schemes and things but I’m trying to mention things that I have done, not what I want to do as I think that’s a more positive approach.

I would appreciate any ideas, however crazy and impractical

I’d also like to thank all of you who have contributed so far, whether it be by contributing money, ideas, support or all three!



About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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