Just a week on….(originaly posted on Blogger 2/9/2009)

I’ve been blown away at the response so far and I’ve hardly got going on the publicity, there will be much much more.

Progress so far; I have had a huge donation by someone I haven’t even met,  I’ve inserted a PayPal button which folk have started using, I’ve given 2 interviews (details to follow) both asking about the project with another one by the Rambling Canadian to follow soon and I’ve opened a new bank account solely for this project so that people can donate directly and I MAY have found the perfect studio.

I may not have made it clear in my previous post but I plan to be record around 10 to 14 songs and NOT my entire catalogue. That was what I did for Plan C, which is now finished. The 30 odd songs I recorded for Plan C are now in a state enabling me to decide which to use and in what order to put them in and which SIDE to put them on!

Thanks for all your comments and advice both here and in the emails I have received, I am truly grateful and please keep them coming.


About Nick Tann

Musician, singer, composer, performer, podcaster and all round good egg!
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