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I know I haven’t spent as much time as I should have on this project. It does bother me.

However, now I have got a few other projects out of the way I’ve been thinking….

I was sent a great piece of music by Sonny that I subseqently played on my podcast and I was taken by the quality of the recording.

It was recorded at Pinna studios in London and sound fantastic.Thanks to people’s generosity and belief I have a few hundred in the Vinyl Project account.Should I go ahead and begin recording?

Should I?

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Yes I’m still here (Originally posted on Blogger 15/11/2009)

Despite the fact that I haven’t posted in ages, I am still here.

The latest news is that I have teamed up with my old friend and fine artist Charles Olsen who will be providing all the artwork for the album. He lives and works in Madrid which is quite handy. I’ll mention why later. He is going to design the album cover which will for part of a collection of his work around the theme of the vinyl project and the songs therein. The exhibition is planned to be in Madrid and Southampton sometime in 2010. I’m looking at getting publicity and/or funding from the airlines that fly between Southampton and Madrid. That was the handy part as there are 3 major airlines that do. Even if we get a couple of free flights, it has to be worth the ask eh?

On the subject of publicity, I’m doing a live session for BBC Radio on Sunday the 22nd  down on Brighton. This includes and interview where I will hopefully be able to garner some more interest. Details on how to listen are on the front page of my website.

My podcast is due to return in the next few weeks. I’ve been getting nagging emails but it’s the lack of time that’s the problem. I do have a full time job so fitting all this in can get a bit tricky, so apologies if I don’t post here as much as i should. It’s because I’m spending more time doing it than writing about it!

Keep the faith eh?

Oh, by the way VOTE FOR JEDWARD!

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THe Vinyl Frontier (originally posted on Blogger on 7/10/2009

Onwards and upwards. More subscribers and more mentions.This one from top music journo Xan Phillips

a plug on the wonderful Watch With Mothers podcast (listened to by thousands!) and a wonderful piece by Von in the prestigeous Downtuned blog!

A few people have mentioned that no one buys vinyl or record decks anymore. They’ve obviously never seen the amazing Needles & Spins before selling beauties like this one

But then you may have other plans for your LP

If you see any mentions of this project elsewhere, have any promotional ideas or just want to throw things, please be my guest.

You can pay now by clicking on the paypal button or if you want to order now but pay later then email me at

I was given a £10 note as payment the other day so cash is also cool!

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There goes Summer (Originaly posted on Blogger 26/9/2010)

Just a short update.

It’s all about time, or lack of it. I’m busy, too busy.

I’m about to send out emails to pretty much everyone I know, seeing if they can spread the word farther afield to garner some more subscribers.

Press release is ready to go out but I need to research the precise people to send it too.

I’m aiming at “The Daily Echo”, Southampton’s local daily newspaper, BBC South TV and a few local BBC radio stations. Once I’ve hit them I’ll target a few of the smaller locals stations.

What has worked well for me before is sending a packet of sweets with the letter. Jelly beans and wine gums seem to work best!

A few more write ups, at uptownboogiedown and ElectricRoulette help to keep the traffic to here healthy. I was also interviewed by a rather lovely lady here  

I’m gigging tonight so will spread the word.

As I mentioned here, this whole idea came out of “Plan C” a project to record all my tunes. They, 32, spread over 2 cds. All subscribers will also receive these 2 cds as part of the whole vinyl project package.

I’m still searching for a name other than “subscribers” to refer to the 250 so would appreciate any suggestions.

I’ve also just uploaded a new podcast (number 13). All detail on the podcast including how to listen to it can be found at my other blog

Right I have to get ready for a gig!

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So far so good (Originaly posted on Blogger on 16/9/2009)

And so far it is good, very good!When I started this project I was on holiday from work and had plenty of time to devote to this. Now I am back at work, time is now not as plentiful as it was hence the lack of updates. Not and excuse but an explanation.

That said I shall tell you the latest. After contacting the great analogapartment about the project, they wrote a great piece about it. This plus another article here has resulted in more people subscribing and more interest generally mainly form America but also from Swindon!

I’ve finished the press release and am now investigating who would be the best people to send it to. My plan is to keep it local to me initially (Southampton) then spread from there. I know a few local media types and have asked for their advice.

I have a few other schemes and things but I’m trying to mention things that I have done, not what I want to do as I think that’s a more positive approach.

I would appreciate any ideas, however crazy and impractical

I’d also like to thank all of you who have contributed so far, whether it be by contributing money, ideas, support or all three!


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Just a week on….(originaly posted on Blogger 2/9/2009)

I’ve been blown away at the response so far and I’ve hardly got going on the publicity, there will be much much more.

Progress so far; I have had a huge donation by someone I haven’t even met,  I’ve inserted a PayPal button which folk have started using, I’ve given 2 interviews (details to follow) both asking about the project with another one by the Rambling Canadian to follow soon and I’ve opened a new bank account solely for this project so that people can donate directly and I MAY have found the perfect studio.

I may not have made it clear in my previous post but I plan to be record around 10 to 14 songs and NOT my entire catalogue. That was what I did for Plan C, which is now finished. The 30 odd songs I recorded for Plan C are now in a state enabling me to decide which to use and in what order to put them in and which SIDE to put them on!

Thanks for all your comments and advice both here and in the emails I have received, I am truly grateful and please keep them coming.

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